VDPAU and MythTV 0.21 Update

There have been a number of fixes and releases since my initial batch of VDPAU testing, so it was time for an update.

The changes from the original test setup are as follows

  • ┬áNvidia 185.19 Video driver
  • mythtv 1:0.21.0+fixes-20453-openglvdpau-0ubuntu2

Jean-Yves has applied a number of fixed to his MythTV builds that have resolved many of the playback issues. A number of buffer sizes had to be increased to deal with the delay between the audio and video streams on freeview|HD. Playback on TV3 is now near perfect and there are considerably less issues when changing channels on Live TV.

The NVidia driver update has also dramatically reduced the amount of video tearing so most of the channels now look a lot better.

Outstanding Issues

Sadly there are a couple of outstanding issues that need resolving before I’d consider the MythTV 0.21 builds to be fully freview|HD ready

  • I’m still seeing some frontend segfaults when changing channels
  • Large playback delay when selecting an audio only radio station
  • Starting the MHEG-5 support causes the GUI to exit.

The MHEG-5 problem has been around since freeview introduced their PVR ready MHEG-5 update and just needs a bit of time to investigate further.

Overall a great improvement and beginning to feel we are almost there now.

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