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RedButton MHEG-5 Engine support for the NZ freeview profile

April 14th, 2007

We now have support for an additional Open Source MHEG-5 stack, the RedButton standalone MHEG-5 engine. Again I’ve included 3 sample screen shots of the RedButton engine in action. The video window is empty as we are running the engine in a debug mode. At the moment there are just a couple of minor issues [...]

MHEG Patches sent to MythTV Team

March 4th, 2007

I’ve now managed to clean up the code enough to send the patches onto the MythTV team. Take a look at their trac ticket #3162. The attached patch will work against MythTV 0.20 out of SVN. For the moment I’ve mapped the FreeView MHEG EPG key onto F12, but this might change. Still needs a [...]

Working NZ MHEG-5 EPG

March 3rd, 2007

Many thanks to David Matthews who provided a bunch of patches for the existing MythTV MHEG-5 stack so that the additional features required for the NZ EPG would work.As you can see I’ve included 3 sample screen shots which are taken from a slightly modified build of MythTV 0.20-fixes. Two are of the standard EPG, [...]

More FreeView NZ MHEG-5 Debugging

February 28th, 2007

I’ve now patched my copy of the MythTV source to map the RED button key (F2) to code 300. This was a quick change in mhi.cpp for the purpose of debugging the stream. It appears that here in NZ code 300 is required to activate the MHEG-5 based EPG. This new build meant that when [...]

FreeView NZ and MythTV MHEG-5 Support

February 13th, 2007

It appears that the new NZ DVB-S multiplex on 12483000 H 22500000 3/4 is actually carrying some valid MHEG-5 data. I’ve enabled the MHEG support in debug mode on a test environment to see what would show up. The attached log file contains all of the output. Now there appears to be an EPG application [...]